Andrew’s Annotated Resources

Want know more about the ethnocentrism related with the physical attractiveness? Check this out! 

Ellis, L. (2011). Race and advertising: Ethnocentrism or “real” differences in physical attractiveness? indirect evidence from china, malaysia, and the united states. Mankind Quarterly, 51(4), 471-489. Retrieved from   

What is the significant role in the entrepreneurship? Is the cultural relativism considered as the significant role? Questions, eh? Read this!

Sobel, R. S., Dutta, N., & Roy, S. (2010). Does cultural diversity increase the rate of entrepreneurship? Review of Austrian Economics, 23(3), 269-286. doi:

Curious about the statistics from Census Bureau?

United States Census Bureau. (2012). State & County QuickFacts: District of Columbia. Retrieved from


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