Kristina’s Interview

For my interview progress, I’ve had the opportunity to attend the reading of The Beautiful Things Heaven Bears which was held by the author himself, Dinaw Mengestu; it was a great chance for me to grab because the book is the very focus of my research paper. The reading included a question&answer session so I decided to ask one question that is the primary focus for my paper, “you write exquisite details about Georgetown, Logan Circle, and the neighborhood of Sepha, the main character. Do you think if you didn’t describe the setting in such a detailed manner, the story would have been different?” I was told that it was a good question that allowed the author to ponder. The ultimate results are this: it’s half-half. The author’s goal is to show, not tell. He also wants the reader to truly enjoy the book so he allows the details to be exposed for the reader to be absorbed in and make a world of his or her own regarding the story. There you have it!



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