Maggie’s Annotated Resources

Brown, G., & Ann, S. D. (2003). Vandalism: Environmental and social factors. Journal of College Student Development, 44(4), 502-516. Retrieved from

  • This article gives the facts about vandalism, and how it really gives us hard cold facts about the street arts, mostly describing the effects it had on the city and people.

Siebers, T. (2002). Broken beauty: Disability and art vandalism. Michigan Quarterly Review, 41(2), 223-245. Retrieved from

  • The article states that there are some negative effects of street art, but it won’t happen if people start have positive views on it.

Taylor, N. (1999). The elements of townscape and the art of urban design. Journal of Urban Design, 4(2), 195-209. Retrieved from

  • This article explains about how there are some certain qualities that makes up the elements of ‘art’, and how people’s perspectives on the elements of art make such an impact on the future.

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