Rosie’s Progress

So far, I have completed about half of my paper about immigration in D.C. Where my original idea was pretty generalized, I realized through my research that I don’t believe immigration to be an “issue” at all. The issues related to immigration in America are really due to racism and oppression in this country, and they occur on both a broad and a personalized individual basis. I also realized the need to acknowledge that I am really a third party observer when discussing race and immigrant-related oppression, since I am not an immigrant and am not experiencing these things. I have, however, been able to find some great sources in the form of personal blogs, as well as scholarly articles written by immigrants. These sources as well as a reading by the author Dinaw Mengestu (who is an immigrant and writes about immigrant issues) have enabled me to learn from a first-hand perspective. I am working on integrating these new ideas into my paper, and I am also still working on coming to a conclusion for my argument.


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