Andrew’s Interview

Lately, I was so busy that where I have no spare time to myself or attend to somewhere to interview with someone related with my paper. Finally, I was able to interviewed with a Chinese woman who reside in Washington, DC. My paper focuses on the barriers that the immigrants face once they immigrate to DC. I briefly asked her few questions about the language and hardships by her moving to America from her home country, China. I learned few things about the language assimilation. Most of countries especially China does provide the classes that teach English to the students. That’s why she has no problem with language barriers. Otherwise, she faced the discrimination. For an instance, most of the immigrants apply for a job. Most of them get rejected because of they are not US citizens/White. The job preferred the US citizens or White to work. She frustrated with the oppression and negative attitudes from the citizens. Yes, my interview was very short and simple.


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