Kristina Bernhardt

Hi. My name is Kristina Bernhardt. My name sign is K-A by the side of your chin. I was born in Moscow, Russia then moved to New York when I was four years old – lived there ever since! I was mainstreamed most of my life and I really enjoyed it. However, I strived for a change so that was what influenced my decision to go to Gallaudet for college. So far, I am loving it! My hobbies are reading, writing, baking, shopping, and hanging out with my friends. When I had free time on my hands back in high school, I’d immediately pick up a book to read. Now, I barely have time to read but when the opportunity does arise, I read! As for the baking part, I do make mean desserts. Maybe I could bring in some goodies for the class one day. I also love exploring cities, including our beloved Washington DC; thus the reason why I’m taking this class: to learn more about the city I’m living in for the next four years!

Maggie Mills

Hello everyone, her name is Margaret Mills, but she prefers to be called Maggie. She is from Lynchburg, Virginia, but she was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. She plans to major in Elementary Education for the Deaf and minor in dance. Her blog topic interest is about how the ratified arts get more attention than the unratified ones.

Andrew Morrill

Andrew Morrill grew up from the Hoosier State where the checkered flags in everywhere, Indiana. Sometime, he is being called as Andy. Either name is not matter to him. You can call him whatever you want. His sign name is just fingerspelling “Andrew. ” Currently, he is first year student at Gallaudet University right after graduated Indiana School for the Deaf last May. His potential major is International Studies. He plans to double my major with Business Administration or History. He hasn’t made a solid decision about my majors yet. His main interest is to check my entire bucket list like skydiving, shaving my head, and many more. Bungee jumping in South America is coming up this summer. Other things about him are very friendly, addicted to Arizona Tea, a geography whiz and Greek mythology freak. Anyway, back to the point, He is currently working in The Buff and Blue (student publication) as the Community Service Relations.

Jenna Smith

Jenna Smith is currently a freshman, majoring in Elementary Education. Her passion is to reach out and share her knowledge with children; she wants to make a difference for the students. Believe it or not, she is third generation Deaf. She is from the state of Hoosiers and she graduated from Indiana School for the Deaf in last year. She is a very independent, caring, and friendly woman who always enjoy socializing with her friends and new people. Her minor is undecided but more likely she would love to be an actress. Entertaining to an audience is definitely her thing.  One of her biggest dreams is to establish a deaf show on the television in someday. The most interesting fact about her is that she identifies herself as a big cat.

Gaelen Swartz

Gaelen Swartz is a student at Gallaudet University. He is currently unannounced in his major, but he is leaning towards majoring in Government, with a potential minor in Deaf Studies. His blog topic on DC Exposed is the H-Street Project, a corridor within the North East District of Washington D.C. Gaelen is a percussionist with Chesapeake Indoor Percussion group based in Baltimore, Maryland, he loves his service dog Gwen, and is a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs NHL hockey team.


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