Andrew’s Interview

Lately, I was so busy that where I have no spare time to myself or attend to somewhere to interview with someone related with my paper. Finally, I was able to interviewed with a Chinese woman who reside in Washington, DC. My paper focuses on the barriers that the immigrants face once they immigrate to DC. I briefly asked her few questions about the language and hardships by her moving to America from her home country, China. I learned few things about the language assimilation. Most of countries especially China does provide the classes that teach English to the students. That’s why she has no problem with language barriers. Otherwise, she faced the discrimination. For an instance, most of the immigrants apply for a job. Most of them get rejected because of they are not US citizens/White. The job preferred the US citizens or White to work. She frustrated with the oppression and negative attitudes from the citizens. Yes, my interview was very short and simple.


Andrew’s Annotated Resources

Want know more about the ethnocentrism related with the physical attractiveness? Check this out! 

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What is the significant role in the entrepreneurship? Is the cultural relativism considered as the significant role? Questions, eh? Read this!

Sobel, R. S., Dutta, N., & Roy, S. (2010). Does cultural diversity increase the rate of entrepreneurship? Review of Austrian Economics, 23(3), 269-286. doi:

Curious about the statistics from Census Bureau?

United States Census Bureau. (2012). State & County QuickFacts: District of Columbia. Retrieved from

Andrew’s Progress

Through the semester, my final paper is still weaving into really lean information/context to justify my thesis. I IMG_4688did have an appointment with my teacher, Dr. Kathleen Wood to help me out with my first draft. My construction of my first draft was little confusing. She provided a lot tools and tips about my first draft and it was very helpful. However, I am currently on my third draft of my final paper. My thesis on third draft paper is revising little bit because the context of information could be more accurate. For an example, my thesis will be focus on the specific subjects that immigrants face in US like the legal and language issues. Furthermore, I still am in underway for an interview with an immigrant from Chinatown. Before that, I have hard time to find an interview that related to my thesis. Sometime this week, I would do an interview with a Chinese about his/her experience as immigrant. Basically, my progress with the final paper is proctoring between Dr. Wood and me by working on the context, construction of the paper, and grammar. What a journey for me!

Andrew’s Research Thesis

Currently, my thesis was revised through collaborating my final paper. My thesis is it is true that DC and other immigrants face at least two major barriers when they arrive:  language and legal issues, both of which are based on ethnocentrism of the country (in this case, the US) where they arrive. It basically focuses on the immigrants facing with the barriers and attitudes from the U.S. citizens.