Maggie’s Annotated Resources

Brown, G., & Ann, S. D. (2003). Vandalism: Environmental and social factors. Journal of College Student Development, 44(4), 502-516. Retrieved from

  • This article gives the facts about vandalism, and how it really gives us hard cold facts about the street arts, mostly describing the effects it had on the city and people.

Siebers, T. (2002). Broken beauty: Disability and art vandalism. Michigan Quarterly Review, 41(2), 223-245. Retrieved from

  • The article states that there are some negative effects of street art, but it won’t happen if people start have positive views on it.

Taylor, N. (1999). The elements of townscape and the art of urban design. Journal of Urban Design, 4(2), 195-209. Retrieved from

  • This article explains about how there are some certain qualities that makes up the elements of ‘art’, and how people’s perspectives on the elements of art make such an impact on the future.

Maggie’s Interview

GSR150-03Hello! I recently interviewed a man, whose art name is Rezist, at Corcordan Art Gallery, on March 8th, 2013. The Corcordan Art Gallery is located near the White House at Washington, D.C. When I saw him at the museum, I introduced myself to him with a help of my friend since she said she would interpret for me. As you can imagine, I was nervous when I told him about my paper! Fortunately, he was more than willing to help me on the paper. I asked him several questions relating to street art and his opinions on it. I got tons of interesting answers from him. It was nice to see a different perspective on the street art, in a positive way. His answers definitely made me appreciate art more, because we do see it everyday, but don’t recognize it. I’ll be putting it under some paragraphs that explain about positive impacts, because I want my interview to be an evidence of that. It made sense to me that I’ll be putting few paragraphs about the interview there. Not only it will be an evidence for my paper, but it will greatly influence people’s perspectives on street art as well.

Maggie’s Progress

GSR150-04So far on the paper, I have been making a lot of changes. Naturally, I decided to type everything out on the paper and have it done before spring break (From March 16th to 24th), because I wanted to have a little bit of break and because I want some feedback on the paper. This eventually led to my teacher and I changing my thesis statement. My thesis statement includes the positive and negative impacts of street art on the city and its residents, but we decided to remove the negative impacts, because we wouldn’t want people to perceive street art as a horrible thing. It gave me a lot to work on. Also, the other changes I made on the paper was mostly editing my grammar errors and making sure that my paper made sense. I’m still working on my paper, but I’m halfway done! It has been a quite trip for me.


This is my friend, and I took a picture of her tattoo because it reminds me of the art that is similar with graffiti.

Maggie’s Research Thesis

GSR150-01I will be explaining a little bit about my Thesis Statement, since I am still working on revising my final paper. Originally, my thesis was what was the nature of the impact of the semi- or unratified art scene in DC. Street art or graffiti in DC can have several impacts on the city and its residents, both positive and negative. However, it has been changed to “True and beautiful street art or graffiti can have several positive impacts on the city and its residents.” I truly think that my new thesis statement clarifies my paper really well!