Rosie’s Annotated Resources

For a discussion related to the term “illegal immigrant” and general political-correctness related to immigration, check out this Ted talk:


To see more about the vast range of individual immigrant experiences, check out this blog:


If you are interested in an analysis and discussion of the American Dream, check out this article by Diana Stiuliuc:

Stiuliuc, D. (2011). The American Dream as the Cultural Expression of North American Identity. Philogica Jassyensia,7(2), 363-370.



Rosie’s Interview

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a reading/discussion with the author Dinaw Mengestu. He is an Ethiopian immigrant who often writes about immigrant issues. The discussion touched many points relevant to my project, such as identity conflict, and the individual immigrant experience. I benefited greatly from hearing the opinion of someone who has experienced these issues first-hand.

Rosie’s Progress

So far, I have completed about half of my paper about immigration in D.C. Where my original idea was pretty generalized, I realized through my research that I don’t believe immigration to be an “issue” at all. The issues related to immigration in America are really due to racism and oppression in this country, and they occur on both a broad and a personalized individual basis. I also realized the need to acknowledge that I am really a third party observer when discussing race and immigrant-related oppression, since I am not an immigrant and am not experiencing these things. I have, however, been able to find some great sources in the form of personal blogs, as well as scholarly articles written by immigrants. These sources as well as a reading by the author Dinaw Mengestu (who is an immigrant and writes about immigrant issues) have enabled me to learn from a first-hand perspective. I am working on integrating these new ideas into my paper, and I am also still working on coming to a conclusion for my argument.