Jenna’s Interview

Hello everyone! I’m here to explain you my experiences for having an interview with someone for my GSR research paper. Last Friday, I made a presence into the ASL Pride march. There were pretty many people, including Gallaudet students, alumnus, and other people stayed together to walk from Gallaudet University to the White House. From my own eyes, it was amazingly wow to see many of protesters held the signs, “ASL Pride!” One of the pictures on the flag is a hand; it symbolizes as the significance of having hands to sign our beautiful language, ASL (American Sign Language). It really inspired me to feel the bond with other activists. The march itself only lasted for like 4 hours. Until last Sunday, I made an appointment to have an interview with a person named Radoslava Slavova at Gallaudet’s library. She also was at the protest where I was in. I started with an opening question: “How did you feel?”  Her respond, “I was getting little emotional because my happy tears were beyond my control. I’m very fortunate to be an ASL user. My second question: What is the purpose of having this protest? “The purpose of having this protest is to spread the words to the world to prove that ASL is the real language. Mostly, the hearing people think it is not but it is! It was a nice chat with her at the same time I compared my perspective to hers. It was very interesting!


Jenna’s Annotated Resources

Thousands of anti-abortion demonstrators leaded a march at U.S. Supreme Court. They shared the messages, “Defend Life” and “Defund Planned Parenthood.” Check this out!



Indiana Association of the Deaf shared shocking news about HB1367, the house bill is advocating in the method of encouraging children to use oral method and cochlear implant. Families, students, and educators showed their heartbreaking reaction.



April 11, 2013, there was an Immigration Rally, which attracted thousands of activists and immigrants to make their presence to request for their immigration reforms approval of living in United States illegally, was still not enough to change people’s minds.

Jenna’s Progress

Hi again! I want to follow up with my performance with my research paper. First of all, I gave my first draft paper to my GSR 150 teacher, Kathleen Wood. My thesis statement remains the same, but my paper needs a lot of improvement. I need to work on improving my paper’s paragraph structure, ideas, and grammar. Her recommendation is that I need to add most recent protests, either unsuccessful or successful. It can be a difficult task for me to get all the ideas in an order. One of my paper’s criteria is to find someone to do an interview with. I will do it as soon as possible. I’ve been learning a lot about the 0-1protests; I don’t realize how big a protest can make an impact. Today, the more people speak up from their heart, the more rights they get what they want. I’m really looking forward to seeing what my final draftpaper looks like. Thanks!


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Jenna’s Research Thesis

I’m assigned to do a research paper for my GSR 150 class. The topic research I’ve chosen is based on protests. My sentence for a thesis statement is: There are several qualities of successful protests and movements that have made them successful. A successful protest’s three qualities are: a clear central message, people’s performance, and location. It’s important to have a clear central message, so everyone in the protest will understand what’s going on. The second quality is all about people’s determination and passion to be involved into the protest. It does not matter how big size the group itself shows. The last quality is location; it really depends on where protest’s location is taken at. A place is well known or most recognized, so it will draw many people’s attention. Now you know what I will be talking about in my research paper. Thanks.